A Yoga-stic trip to the beautiful Tuscany …

Erstellt von yamyameventproduction am Mittwoch, der 25. September 2013

several weeks ago i wrote about my friend jeanette fuchs, the lady that happens to be superwoman herself. during one of our rare but always very intense meetings we dreamt about organizing our own yoga retreat. jeanette, who travelled the globe to attend various yoga retreats was full of ideas and inspirations. several years later in october 2012 we actually  started our own retreat called “yoga mit freunden”. what started off as a cosy little group with 6 yogis developed to a fully booked yoga retreat this year at the lovely casa del pino in beautiful tuscany.


if you are interested in learning more about jeanettes and antjes yoga lessons and my own cooking experiences alla yamyam than stay put for some more stories from bella italia ….

Ciao & Namaste …



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