Serendipity in Altaussee … or when coincidence is a genius

Erstellt von yamyameventproduction am Montag, der 21. April 2014

i believe to be a traveler, a person infected by wanderlust, never too tired to explore new places, always eager to learn about new countries. every journey i take has so many surprises to offer but the most surprising moments are those that happen totally unexpected, unintended … the ones that slowly approach you without […]


The beauty of being a tourist at home … a viennese day spa experience

Erstellt von yamyameventproduction am Mittwoch, der 1. Januar 2014

once you are caught by the unlimited urge to travel the world and Wanderlust has become your daily companion there is no way out of trying to satisfy the craving for seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and just letting the world envelop you with its beauty and excitement. but sometimes, no matter how much […]


The importance of having soul-places … a journey to the country side

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the end of the year, the days get shorter, nights get longer, times are busy and breaks are not regular but random. these are the times when we have to remind ourselves that we need to step back, breath and relax for a bit. for me the cure to stressful times is a quick get […]