Cold days need warming dishes … brussel sprouts are en vogue these days

Erstellt von yamyameventproduction am Dienstag, der 12. November 2013

inspired by a recent instagram posting of my friend and partner jeanette fuchs i had to buy these brussel sprouts at the market this morning. they looked so green, so fresh so yummy and needed to be put on my “before the holidays carb free” menu …

jeanette used lentils with her sprouts and due to lack of time i figured that would be a perfect source of protein.

what you need to buy:

  • 1 onion
  • fresh ginger (greated)
  • any vegetable oil
  • kurkuma
  • fresh chilli
  • coarse sea salt
  • coconut milk (1 small can)
  • lentils (you can use any kind of lentils but if you are in a rush go for the red lentils, they cook fast and need NO soaking)
  • brussel sprouts
  • garnish: if you wish fresh coriander
  • garnish: if you wish coconut flakes

how to cook this dish:

  1. chop the onions
  2. heat up the oil in a pan
  3. add a teaspoon of kurkuma and let it roast (until the smell fills your kitchen and it gets a little bit dark)
  4. add the onion – stir until golden
  5. add the lentils – stir for a minute
  6. add the chilli
  7. add the coconut milk, close the lidd and let the lentils simmer
  8. after 5 minutes add some water and close the lidd and let the lentils simmer until tender
  9. once tender add some salt
  10. steam the brussel sprouts for several minutes in a pot of hot water (they should not be cooked to death, they should remain fresh and crisp)
  11. add the sprouts to a frying pan, add some oil and fry them from both sides until they turn brown – only a little bit, dont burn them 😉

once the lentils are tender and sprouts are green/golden you can get ready for serving your dish.

add some of the lentils to a plate, pile the brussel sprouts on top and garnish with coarse sea salt, coriander and coconut flakes if you wish

bon appetite … and thank you jea for inspiring me .. as always!!

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