San Giorgio Mykonos … The Mykonian Synonym for Bohemian

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Sunday May 11th, 2014

  a soul infected by wanderlust is often misinterpreted as the urge of wanting to run away, to flee from reality. there are no words to explain the importance behind needing to see, to explore, to simply wander … maybe only co-wanderers do truly comprehend this insatiable urge for the search of the unknown. overall the […]

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Schloss Walpersdorf … the epitome of perfection

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Friday May 9th, 2014

  What is the true meaning of perfect? Is there a necessity for perfection? How can something be ever called the epitome of perfection? In my job as an event designer and planner at yamyam event production I do get to see many different kinds of venues. Some I like a lot due to their […]

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Do you have a personal hero? ….or … about the day that I met mine!

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Sunday March 2nd, 2014

When we grow up our first encounter with heroism is usually amongst our own family members. Parents, siblings or grandparents tend to be portrayed as the first heroes of our lives. Along the way though, we encounter various heroes outside of our close family circle, be it real people or fictive creatures. We love them, […]

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The end of a wedding season … and a shout out to all my couples!

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Sunday September 15th, 2013

yesterday another memorable wedding season came to closure. looking back at all our destination weddings and weddings in Austria in 2013 i consider myself a truly blessed woman. my profession and passion allow for me to witness true love, to see commitment in such superficial times as ours. i get to create and build a […]

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A Villa named Verdin … or just take a break … Villa Verdin Millstättersee

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Tuesday July 16th, 2013

Throughout my years of traveling i have seen many countries and hotels and have gratefully come across a few places that have become my sanctuaries, my save havens, my soul places ….  places to go to and let go. i have a few spread around the globe that i can turn to anytime my wanderlust […]

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