Summertime … when the winter blues turns into green smoothies

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Wednesday June 17th, 2015

                          I am born in august and my mother always says that this is the reason why it can never be too hot, too sunny or too  summery for me. and quite frankly, she is right. there is nothing i dislike about summertime and […]

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M as in Mugaritz & Martin Berasategui … a continuous culinary quest … part I

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Sunday June 22nd, 2014

as a wanderlust infiltrated person with a disposition to good food, the ability to combine both of my rather pleasant addictions is probably the closest i can get to heavenly excitement. thank god there are others that share my craving for touring the chef’s global spectrum and so after last years NOMA experience this year […]

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San Giorgio Mykonos … The Mykonian Synonym for Bohemian

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Sunday May 11th, 2014

  a soul infected by wanderlust is often misinterpreted as the urge of wanting to run away, to flee from reality. there are no words to explain the importance behind needing to see, to explore, to simply wander … maybe only co-wanderers do truly comprehend this insatiable urge for the search of the unknown. overall the […]

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Schloss Walpersdorf … the epitome of perfection

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Friday May 9th, 2014

  What is the true meaning of perfect? Is there a necessity for perfection? How can something be ever called the epitome of perfection? In my job as an event designer and planner at yamyam event production I do get to see many different kinds of venues. Some I like a lot due to their […]

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Serendipity in Altaussee … or when coincidence is a genius

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Monday April 21st, 2014

i believe to be a traveler, a person infected by wanderlust, never too tired to explore new places, always eager to learn about new countries. every journey i take has so many surprises to offer but the most surprising moments are those that happen totally unexpected, unintended … the ones that slowly approach you without […]

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