M as in Mugaritz & Martin Berasategui … a continuous culinary quest … part I

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Sunday June 22nd, 2014

as a wanderlust infiltrated person with a disposition to good food, the ability to combine both of my rather pleasant addictions is probably the closest i can get to heavenly excitement. thank god there are others that share my craving for touring the chef’s global spectrum and so after last years NOMA experience this year […]

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Guilt free – wheat free breakfast ….

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Saturday October 19th, 2013

loving breakfast is one thing, eating healthy breakfast a whole other story … Most common breakfast platters are full of sugar, wheat, gluten, etc etc etc … so why not beat around those nasty ingredients and keep it simple, guilt free and healthy. this is what you need: 1 avocado goat cheese cherry tomatoes roasted […]

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A NOMAlicious Trip to copenhagen ….

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Thursday May 9th, 2013

It took us one year of dreaming, 6 months of planning, 2 waiting lists and 3 connections until we finally got a table at NOMA. Yes … a table at the restaurant formerly known as “THE best restaurant in the world”. A week before we took off for copenhagen, a mythical group of Gourmands, the gods […]

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