Getting married in Greece – Mamma Mia Style please!

Posted by yamyameventproduction on Friday August 21st, 2015











A “travel-ista” i suppose is a person that thrives on all travel related matters. and that is exactly what i do, no matter if i travel for work or pleasure i simply cannot resist any opportunity of packing my bags and going on an adventure. the good thing about my life as an event designer and producer (yamyam event production) is that every trip i take, no matter for leisure or business, exposes me to new event or design opportunities.

it is one of my habits to travel to places which i havent visited before and even though i must say i am quite a restless traveler who has seen quite a bit, there are still so many undiscovered places on this amazing planet of ours. so when i managed to take a mid season break and snuck out for a week of pure family time in beautiful greece, or hellas as the locals call it, i chose the so far unknown greek island called spetses, as our destination. and i must say i truly havent seen anything like it before, this tiny island is as greek as greece can get.

although unwinding is the main goal of this trip it somehow appears to me that the moment i unwind from day to day business the creative side of my brain lights up and starts seeing new opportunities … today for example, i ended up finding this cute little chapel on a hill above a beach that is just so perfect for a destination wedding. walking up this tiny narrow road towards the chapel, which i had sited while i took a swim earlier on today, totally reminded me of the movie mamma mia and the cute little wedding ceremony they had. since that movie i have had the dream of organizing a bohemian wedding on a greek island, unfortunately none of my couples felt like venturing out to beautiful greece but at least today i did find a place to offer, if any opportunity ever arises i will definitely come forward with this cute wedding concept …

so stay put … who knows what else i will discover throughout my little vacation time …
































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