Summertime … when the winter blues turns into green smoothies

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I am born in august and my mother always says that this is the reason why it can never be too hot, too sunny or too  summery for me. and quite frankly, she is right. there is nothing i dislike about summertime and the rising temperatures. and besides my personal preference for this lovely season it is also quite a busy season for us business wise at yamyam event production.

eating healthy and clean is the engine for me to walk through life powerful and energized. i enjoy eating seasonal and local and am a big fan of purchasing mainly locally grown vegetables and fruits (bananas, avocados, mangos and papayas are the big exception since they do not grow in austria) i recently became a member of an organic food association here in vienna called Gela Ochsenherz and once a week receive my organic vegetables and herbs container. and i must say i love it. the surprise of not knowing what you will receive and then having to be creative about your weekly meal plan. what a pleasure in our hectic urban lifestyle!

so this morning i used the lovely rainbow chard and lemon balm from my organic vegetable box for a delicious green smoothie.

so this is what you need for 2 large glasses:

  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 a lemon (with peel, seeds and flesh)
  • 5 stems rainbow chard
  • 1 handfull lemon balm
  • 1 teaspoon unsweetened macha powder
  • coconut water

place all of these ingredients in your blender and blend to a lovely, delicious, green smoothie.

and for making it look pretty garnish your smoothie with some desiccated coconut and goji berries

… enjoy!!



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