M as in Mugaritz & Martin Berasategui … a continuous culinary quest … part II

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waking up after the mugaritz experience was like returning from an exciting journey to an unknown country. i was still in full admiration mode although we were just hours away from visiting martin berasategui another star on the culinary sky of san sebastians vast offer of haute cuisine restaurants.
so what to do to overcome the long stretch of hours and the mind blowing anticipation until our next culinary quest? well, we chose to spend the day on the french side of the basque country and visited lovely biarritz and explored the basque corniche. with a crisp rose in hand we enjoyed the beauty of the french atlantic coast and the amazingly versatile architecture along the esplanade of biarritz.






























the beaches in this region are somewhat like a time travel to summers long passed. one expects to turn around and see some beach scenes from the past century where men and women played badminton on the beach, fully dressed in “covering it all” bathing outfits. amazing … the hours faded with this scenario in mind and so we managed pretty well to distract our attention from the evenings excitement and soon it was time to get in the car and travel to the sacred halls of martin berasategui on the outskirts of san sebastian.


one can tell a trend of rather unobtrusive and very calm interior design in all these top notch restaurants. they are mostly designed in earthy colors that are easy on the eye and do not represent any visual distraction from the main focus, namely the delights served to the guests.
the option of ordering a la cart was not really an option to us since the real deal is definitely the 13 course tasting menu which divulges the secrets and best off’s of martin’s cuisine.


that was the moment we knew that we had made the right choice in picking mugaritz and martin berasategui as our trips main attractions. the two restaurants could not have been more different in style and presentation. mugaritz being more modern and inventive and playful, martin berasategui being rather elegant, more conservative but not the least less attractive. the 13 courses were literally mind blowing, a joyful firework of flavors and eye candies. no words can explain what this man creates in his kitchen. with every plate served he literally makes you want to joyfully call out “Bravo, Bravo”…


Chapeau Mr. Berasategui … once again i bow down to such sophisticated creations and talent …

Gracias ….


what a night, what a trip, what an experience. once again struck by the beauty of traveling and food tasting combined in one exciting package representing all there is to love and live life to its fullest. the basque region offers it all, from beaches, to city life, from tapas to haute cuisine, from france to spain … bottom line, a trip that leaves you flabbergasted …

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