Rainbow role alla yamyam … or just simply without rice

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as an event planner and event designer ( yamyam event production) a major part of my work life is about food and beverages. so yes, i am interested in food, not to say i am fanatically in love with food.

in order to consult my clients and couples on what to eat when and where and how and made by whom i have to test restaurants, catering companies and often retrieve into my test kitchen and invent recipes myself. this starter i just created and i believe it is fresh, healthy and has the necessary edge to it … would love to hear your thoughts on that …


– 2 ripe avocados

– 2 cooked beetroots medium size

– best quality salmon sashimi or smoked salmon

– roasted pumpkin seeds

– for the dressing: fresh truffle or 2 tsp best quality truffle butter, lime juice, rice syrup, salt, pepper, dijon mustard


– cut the avocado in half and slice each half

– cook the beetroot or buy pre-cooked ones. cut them in half and slice the vegetable, like the avocado

– cut the salmon in bite size pieces

– either stack or align the ingredients on two plates like a rainbow snake

for the dressing …

– melt the truffle butter, or melt butter and add fresh truffle at the end

– mix the 2 tsp liquified butter with 1 or 1,5 tsp dijon mustard until smooth, if the mustard starts flaking add a little bit of hot water. once smooth, add some lime juice and salt, to round up the taste add a drop or two of rice syrup.

– drizzle the dressing on your roles and then grind some fresh pepper over the roles

– garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds

bon appetite …


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