The end of a wedding season … and a shout out to all my couples!

Erstellt von yamyameventproduction am Sonntag, der 15. September 2013

yesterday another memorable wedding season came to closure. looking back at all our destination weddings and weddings in Austria in 2013 i consider myself a truly blessed woman. my profession and passion allow for me to witness true love, to see commitment in such superficial times as ours. i get to create and build a dream castle, a home for the celebration of love where families and friends that travel around the globe to be part of each others big day get to celebrate and spend quality time with each other …. isn’t that what you call a true blessing?

of course our days as wedding planners aren’t all lovy-dovy-happy-jolly days. the job constantly catapults you to your limits, since dealing with emotions of several generations within a family isn’t always that harmonious. the air is not constantly filled with joy and happiness but the light at the end of the tunnel is what makes the path towards it so rewarding. you get to accompany them on their way to THEIR day and that is a truly  fantastic journey on its own and whoever says that fairytales are solely for children and miracles do not exist, i must object … they do and that is why i truly love my job ….

yesterdays wedding was the most perfect wrap to a season filled with couples that became very dear to me and that literally had “everlasting love” tattooed on their foreheads. you might think “well isn’t that always the case at the beginning of a relationship” … No, it isn’t … there are couples where i find myself thinking, why this marriage? why this wedding? where is the love? where is the passion? and that happens at least once a season, but not this year! so here a big shout out and thank you to all my dear couples, i thank you for having me guide and accompany you until the very day at which you all said YES to love, to compassion, to commitment and to a future together.

with this final shot, the very first dance as Mr & Mrs i say goodbye and am already looking forward to a stunning wedding season in 2014 …


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