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This past weekend, while i was in salzburg for a big summer wedding, i met my dear friend, travel mate and queen of yoga Jeanette Fuchs.

while talking to her about our businesses, our plans, the future and life in general this very story about her, her path in life, her goals and her remarkable ambitions started to evolve in my head. i knew i want to dedicate a short story to her and all that she has introduced to me in the span of our friendship.

i first met jeanette while working on a big real estate event in Monaco. working and living together in a house for almost a month not only taught us that we have the same zodiac sign & that our siblings share the same birthday, but we also discovered that we share the same sense for perfection and are both quite ambitious when it comes to our professional life. these days spent together were the door opener to a long lasting, border crossing companionship.

we both live in different cities, while she is turning salzburg into the new global yoga hot spot, i am trying to conquer the event scene here in vienna. just lately she managed, for the second time, to bring one of THE yoga gurus from los angeles to salzburg, that was no one less than Bryan Kest.

jeanette, is a devoted vegetarian, constantly out and about on her quest for a healthier, happier and more harmonized way of living. while working a fulltime PR job she devoted herself to her new passion of yoga, took classes after classes, attended workshops, seminars and travelled the world with the goal of conquering the yoga scene and she did it! about 2 years ago she attended a teacher seminar and after a month of hard work i received a proud SMS from bali, saying “i did it”. she is now an official yoga teacher and of course that was not the end of the road but the beginning of a new career. so here she is, a tough PR lady roaming the corporate world, boosting her clients web pages and corporate identities into the next level, texting 24/7 while giving yoga classes, organizing yoga retreats and aiming to bring all her yoga idols to salzburg. now you tell me, does this woman have 48 hour days? … sometimes i believe that is the case …

jeanette is not a traditional yoga teacher, she is more of a new era yoga master! a yoga class taught by her is not only about om and breathing, but it is a very challenging work out session, rooted in the school of ashtanga yoga and spiced up with jeanetteske moves. she manages to combine the essence and the eastern roots of yoga with the needs of people in our western society. that is magic! think tracy anderson and transfer this to the world of holistic yoga, that equation has Jeanette written all over it!


no matter what the issues in my life are, which chapter i have just opened or closed, every time i visit jeanette in salzburg there is that one single book in her library that is just made for me and that moment in my life. soon after i arrive, or we have had our first girly chats, she gets up, turns around and magically pulls out a book and says “read this”! it is incredible. she roams the web on her constant hunt for literary work that embody her viewpoints in life.she is an endless source of assistance when it comes to dietary problems, mental lows or physical issues and of course yoga.

when i once had a dietary problem and my kinesiologist told me that for the next three weeks i basically wasn’t allowed to eat anything but green leaves, i was devastated. i love food and all my life i have been a devoted foodie with the passion for good food. so i spoke to jeanette and told her about my misery and of course, within minutes of our conversation she knew what i should do. and that was when she introduced me to Joshi and his book joshis holistic detox. all my life i have been a firm believer that diets are useless, that they are a product of our society and not worth trying. but this book is not about a diet but about changing ones dietary lifestyle. and no matter how healthy and conscious i thought that i had lived before, the awareness that this book created in me turned my culinary and dietary believes upside down.


another “path finding book” that my dear friend introduced to me was a spiritual book, written by pema chödrön, a buddhist teacher and nun, the book is called “taking the leap” and perfectly fitted in my life at the time introduced to me. i read the book in one run and it was magical. this is one of those books that is actually filled with common life wisdoms, but they come in such a wonderful package that you cannot do anything else but read, digest and try to implement … thank you jeanette!








my most recent keepsake from jeanettes vast library is called “may cause miracles” by gabrielle bernstein.  if you are ready to work miracles you should buy that book instantly. once again we are not talking about high end, top notch literary work, novell or work of science, no we are talking about life, about moments in life when you need a boost, stamina or simply a helping guide to change something in your life.









but jeanette is not only a living library of life saving books, she has much more to offer beyond the written word.

couple of years ago, before she did her yoga teachers training, we started talking about starting our own yoga retreat. she teaches yoga, i cook and we spend a week with like minded people at a beautiful place close to the sea. thanks to hear ambition and drive, this dream manifested itself in our first yoga retreat in 2012 on the balearic island of mallorca. her talent in words and writing gave the retreat its wonderful name “yoga mit freunden” / “yoga with friends” , her global yoga connection expanded our team and so we are three ladies now, jeanette fuchs from salzburg, antje schulze from cologne, and myself from vienna, working on our second round this year in october in beautiful tuscany…. Wanna join us?




before i bring this ode to my dear friend to an end i would like to share two of my most favorite “jeanette” life remedies.

on her constant search for paraben and silicon and E-Free cosmetics, jeanette came across the most natural, the most “everything free” but full of “everything needed” body and hair elixir. coconut oil! before i found a glas jar full with this luscious product in her bathroom i only new coconut oil to be my hair remedy. on a trip to india i learned that the secret of shiny, healthy indian hair is coconut oil, and beyond that i used it for cooking but thanks to jeanette the jar has made its way from my kitchen cabinet to my bathroom cabinet. every morning after i show i splurge in this heavenly scented, instant absorbed body butter sent from heaven .. and of course from jeanette … see how she shines 😉


but once again her wisdom doesn’t stop in libraries, bathroom cabinets or words but also in healthy additives to our daily cousine.

as i have mentioned before she is a devoted vegetarian and therefore constantly searching for holistic seeds and grains that complement her diet. her newest revelation is the long forgotten chia seed. the best part of it is that it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and therefore the perfect addition to any vegetarian or vegan diet. you can pimp up your smoothie, yogurt, soup or salad with these black seeds.


there is so much more to share about my friend jeanette fuchs that this is not the end of her story but the beginning … tune in once in a while and continue to be part of jeanettes universe!

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